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Visual Impact

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Chelveston airfield is located on a plateau in an area of open, flat

The area is not subject to any special landscape designations.

The wind turbines will be visible some distance from the site because of their height and the flat, open nature of the landscape around. Thirteen viewing points have been selected to assess the visual impact of the turbines within the surrounding landscape.

These are representative of the main public views of the site from the surrounding villages, roads and public footpaths.

The views illustrate the likely effect of the wind turbines from the locations outlined below.

Caldecott / Chelveston View 1
Chelveston View 2
Hargrave View 5
Irthlingborough / Crow Hill View 12
Lower Dean View 6
Newton Bromswold View 11
Raunds View 4
Rushden / Higham Ferrers View 3
Three Shires Way Views 8, 9 and 10
Yelden Views 7 and 8
Souldrop/A6 View 13

The likely visual impact of the turbines is being assessed by Verified Visual Models (VVM’s) from each of these view points. Verified Visual Models are an objective, verifiable method for representing the visual impact of a proposed structure. They are created by constructing a digital model of the turbines and the surrounding landscape.This is derived from:

  • accurate topographical surveys of the site itself, the viewpoints chosen and the main landscape features within and around the site
  • digital photographs from the view points, taken with a camera which represents the naked eye's focal length and field of vision
  • detailed plans of the turbines proposed

The following images show the existing views from each ofthe view points and the view if the Renewable Energy Park is constructed. An additional view also shows the airfield when the MOD aerial masts were in place.


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Landscape Designations

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