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Biomass Plant

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Biomass plant

Chelveston Renewable Energy Ltd was granted planning permission by Northamptonshire County Council in Dec 2008 to build and operate a Biomass Plant based on Anaerobic Digestionable to process up to 48,000 tonnes per year of materials including wastes.

A further planning permission was granted following appeal in 2009 consenting the installation of 6MW of generators to be fuelled by liquid biofuels. Both of these plants operating allow in addition to the ability to generate power as continuous baseload, the strategic generation of power at short notice, to supplement or augment any other site power generation at times of peak demand as liquid fuels can be easily stored for such purposes.

The Anaerobic Digestion based Biomass plant permitted for the site will generate power from bio-gas a product of the Anaerobic Digestion process. Bio-gas is very low density and can only be stored for relatively short periods, typically up to 24 hours without uneconomic storage tanks whereas liquid fuels can be readily stored for 6 months or more.

The Company maintains its belief that the site is eminently suitable for generation of renewable power from wind which will complement the already permitted elements. The integration of renewable power generation on demand from the engines of up to 6MW with a baseload of 1.5MW from the Biomass plant and a likely windpower capability of 22.5MW will provide a highly flexible solution uniquely enabling selection of power output from the site regardless of wind conditions.

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