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At the onset of World War Two, land at Chelveston was acquired by the Ministry of Defence for strategic use as an airfield. It became a fully operational USAF bomber base throughout the War and the subsequent the Cold War until the 1960’s when the MOD decommissioned the runways and most of the infrastructure and reconfigured the site as a radio mast transmitter site which operated until very recently.

The airfield was sold by the MOD in 2005 and the new owners, local employers, seeing the site to be ideal for development as a fully integrated renewable energy park formed Chelveston Renewable Energy Ltd.

To date, a biomass Anaerobic Digestion plant and bio-fuelled generators have been approved with the capacity to produce 2 and 6MW of renewable electricity respectively to feed into the local network.

Current plans for a windfarm will complement these facilities and take the capacity to over 30MW. With the windfarm fully integrated within the renewable energy park CREL will be able to export a base load from the biomass plant of 1.5 MW with on average, approaching 7MW from the wind power. A further 6MW will be available on demand from the biofuelled engine generators at times of low windpower or high electricity demand. Together these can provide an estimated annual 109,000 MWh of renewable electricity sufficient for 27,500 households and offsetting some 47,000 tonnes a year of CO2 emissions from power stations.

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Composite Plan showing Former MOD Developments

Former MOD Developments

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